Election Process

USC Staff Assembly elections take place once a year. Elected members will serve two-year terms, participate in one of eight standing committees, adhere to basic membership obligations*, and generally try to improve the lives of all USC staff by giving their time, energy, ideas, and enthusiasm. As with our monthly General Meetings, all (non-unionized) staff are welcome and encouraged to participate!


The nomination process of the USC Staff Assembly Election process generally commences in late March. During the nomination period, the USC community will be asked to nominate from all of our eligible colleagues, those individuals they believe will serve the university and the mission of the USC Staff Assembly well. If you are personally interested in serving, please nominate yourself as well as advocate for yourself by encouraging others to nominate you as well.

Current USC staff members may nominate up to a limit of 15 candidates, please visit the nomination website when it is released in the spring.

1.     You can only submit your list (up to 15 people) ONCE. Don’t click the red “Submit your nomination(s)” button until you’ve nominated everyone you want!
2.     To log in, you need your 10-digit USC ID number (from your ID card) and the last 4 digits of your 7-digit employee ID (from Workday or Kronos).
3.     You can log in and out of the nomination form multiple times, as long as you don’t hit the “Submit” button.
4.    You can scroll through the list to find the name if you want to, but it is MUCH easier to just start typing the name of the person you are trying to nominate.


Once the nomination period closes, candidates for the official ballot will be selected.  The top 55 candidates will advance to the official election process.


Similar to the nomination process, a website will be created for the final election and released. Please refer to the “important tips” above.


  • Read the Basic Membership Obligations to ensure that you are able to balance your work and fulfill the expectations of a role with Staff Assembly.
  • Visit General Staff Assembly Meetings during the year to become familiar with the organization and to see if it will be a good fit for you.
  • This is a competitive race. Seats become more coveted every year. In both steps, candidates are encouraged to solicit votes from supporters to secure their spots and to advance.


1.      Members must attend 1, 90-minute, monthly General Assembly Meeting.
2.      Members must attend 1, at least 30-minute, monthly Committee Meeting.
3.      Meetings are mostly on the UPC campus, but at least 3 General Assembly Meetings are held on the HSC campus.
4.      Members are asked to participate in the support of events and/or may be invited to special sessions.
5.      Members are invited to further participate on University Task Forces, Committees, and other governance structures.

Let us know if you have any questions! Email staff.assembly@usc.edu.